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balancing personal and professional obligations

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McGinn ends his book by telling us to Stop and Smell the Roses.
How do you strike that balance between professional and personal?
How do you pursue excellence and maintain your mental health?
How do you do â??whatever is necessary to get the job done and simultaneously have enough time for those you love? Is it possible to be successful both personally and professionally, or does something have to give?

Please use these references:

Dye, C.F. (2010). Leadership in Healthcare: Essential Values and Skills. (2nd edition). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press

McGinn, P. (2005). Leading Others, Managing Yourself, Chicago, IL

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How do you strike that balance between professional and personal?

It is not an easy task to balance one's personal life with one's professional life and to be successful in both. McGinn (2005) points out that the challenge "has defeated many executives" (p. 58). Time spent at work can seriously impact your personal life. The idea of "work/life synergy" is according to McGinnn (2005) a useful way to think about the relationship between the professional and the personal. This concept encompasses the idea of balance and collaboration, and that a fulfilling life at work could provide the impetus for a fulfilling life at home, and vice versa - each activity can serve as the refreshment and energy booster for the other. However, one must be able to discern when to switch from one to the other and to give each proper attention. Lock's (2010) whole person approach to leadership, serves as a useful model as it works to merge the personal and the professional in such a way as to ensure that our values are integrated into our professional lives and that our career choices are based on our values.

How do you pursue excellence and maintain your mental ...

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