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personal professional development plan

I have assignment and I need helping in the last point (Individual Deliverable) because I can not understand well.

You can answer how it relates to you, and I will use your answer as a model to address this part. However, it is better to answer it to be near to my situation (I am study master and plan to study PhD).

No of words needed is about 1000

Group deliverable

It requires your team to develop a business case for a product or service that could use the strategic plan developed in Part 1.
The business case is to include;
1. An outline of the product or service
2. expected market opportunity, size and worth as well as percentage share
3. Strategies for using the balancing and reinforcing systems that control your proposed business.
4. Indicative resources, people, plant and systems with strategies for acquiring those resources.
5. The competitive forces and planned responses to those forces (Porters Model).
6. Key decisions required to implement the business case.

Individual Deliverable,
Reflective learning report

7. Describe how you have used the team environment and the material developed by the team in the group assignment to help you with your professional development. In particular the use of the business case as a model to test and develop your personal professional development plan.

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Currently, I am studying my masters and in future I intend to study PhD. I have used the team environment and the material developed by them to help me with my professional development. I have been able to use the business case as model to test and develop my personal professional development plan.
During the first stage of the business case was that of product development. In this stage we had to develop a product that would be different from those of the competitors and better than those of the competitors. The point of differentiation we decided on was the use of the latest technology to develop a product that would not only be better than that those of competitors but also could not be copied by competitors. In this context, I learn a number of lessons, if I wanted to earn reputation in my field not only would I have to earn my masters with excellent grades but would also have to secure admission into a PhD program that was highly ranked and that admitted very few students to its PhD program. The reasons for this conclusion were that securing top grades in my master's program would ensure that I get the opportunity to study in the best PhD institution. In addition, I would be perceived as an excellent student. This would make me a "better product". This will help me market myself later.
Also, I learned from the product development activity that being on the cutting edge of technology was important to gain competitive advantage. In my case, I understood that a good product would be earning a PhD in field that was intrinsically related to latest technologies, and my PhD thesis should be on a topic that had high recognition among ...

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