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    Prepare a plan for personal growth

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    Prepare a plan for personal growth that will strengthen your knowledge, skills, and dispositions as a teacher. Indicate your areas of strengths and areas for improvements. If you are already proficient in an area, provide specific examples from your teaching practice and include an action plan for continuing growth in that area. For areas needing improvement, indicate specific actions you will take to improve.

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    Teachers play a very important role in helping to build the futures of their students. For this reason teachers need to constantly take part in professional development opportunities that enhance their current skills , help them learn new skills and work on the areas of development that need improvement. Professional development "refers to skills and knowledge attained for both personal development and career advancement." This is essential for teachers. Teachers never stop learning. In education things constantly change, so it is very important to be aware of these changes and participate in professional development opportunities that prepare the teacher for such changes, for example changes in curriculum. Teachers need to try their best to stay positive when things change. Also being adequately prepared can help teachers adapt to changes so they may approach their teaching with greater confidence. When teachers exude confidence when presenting their lessons students are not as likely to feel intimidated by material they do not understand.

    It is important that teachers consider themselves when thinking about goals. Improvement of self would lead to a healthier teacher, who is better equipped emotionally and physically to handle the daily challenges commonly faced by teachers. Improving ...

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    Ideas to create a plan for personal growth are expressed for teachers.