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    Global Leadership Development Plan

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    Global Leadership Development Plan

    1) What are the Global leadership concerns for the future? Must be rooted in global trends. (explain in detail)

    a. Identify the global trends that you see driving a global leadership agenda.
    b. Clearly link leadership development needs to the applicable global trends.

    2) What Emerging leadership theory to guide a global agenda. Summarize emerging leadership theories that are appropriate for a global agenda.

    a. Select a theory that is appropriate for professional growth and for guiding an individual global agenda.
    b. Provide a rationale for choosing this theory to frame a leadership agenda.

    3) Evaluation of responsibility to prepare the self. The responsibility to prepare the self is a topic explored and developed in Unit 4 and assessed in the assignment of Unit 4.
    o Offer a clear and unambiguous statement evaluating the need for self-directed leadership preparation for a competitive, complex, and diverse workplace.
    o Explicitly address how leadership preparation should address each of those factors: competition, complexity, and diversity in the workplace.

    4.) Personal plan to support the evolving, reflective self as global leader. Drawing on the context set in points 1-3 and using the results from the 360-degree review from the Global Leader of the Future, prepare a plan which supports your personal growth as a global leader.

    a) The plan should reflect and flow logically from the understandings developed on trends, future concerns, emerging leadership theory, evaluation of self-directed preparation, and the 360-degree results.
    o Describe development goals.
    o Detail the action steps of the plan in order of accomplishments. Describe how each action step supports the development goals and how each of the steps relates to and builds upon one another.
    o Each action step should be clearly defined, achievable, and have measurable outcomes. Explicitly address each of these elements for each action step.
    o Describe a method to evaluate the progress for each step.
    o Include a clear statement of how the plan will support or enhance the growth of others.

    Global Leadership
    A. Concerns for the future?
    B. Preferred leadership theory?
    C. An overview of global leadership strengths.
    D. What can be done to develop/enhance individual leadership skills?

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    Global Leadership concerns for the future:

    There are several global trends which drives the global leadership agenda having in mind that the globalization era has resulted to the rise in information and communication technologies which has in turn resulted to the increase in the rate of competition from the sources which are not anticipated for.

    Emerging industries contribute more growth compared to developed industries. This will influence the leadership agenda since leaders will have to come up with different ways of leadership that goes hand in hand with the increased growth of consumers especially the middle aged consumers as well as the market infrastructure. The second trend involves the act whereby the developed economies have to accelerate productivity so that growth can be powered. Leaders within an organization will have to generate ways and means of ensuring that competition is increased so that the organization maintains its place within the global economy.

    The third trend is the further expansion of globalization which calls for the development of new business models. As globalization continues to take place, the economy also continues to become interconnected which makes it even harder for capital flow as well as goods and information. Leaders should therefore figure out the desirable business models that they should employ within their organization to keep in pace with the experienced changes (Ecoggins, 2011).

    Emerging leadership theory to guide a global agenda:

    There are several leadership theories available however; the most appropriate leadership theory for a professional growth as well as providing guidance to an individual's global agenda is the transformational leadership theory. This theory has its evolution from and contains elements of the available types of leadership such as the behavioral theories and their traits, situational and transactional leaders.

    Transformational leadership theory provides the various ways of creating change positively among the followers while keeping in mind the interest of other individuals and acting according the group's interest as a whole. Within this style of leadership, the leader has the obligation of motivating the followers and ensuring that they hold high morals when it comes to their performance and well as his or her personal performance (strategies for change ...

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    Global leadership development plans are examined. The emerging leadership theory to guide a global agenda are given.