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    Planning Professional and Personal Life

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    How can planning improve effectiveness in professional and personal life?

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    1. How can planning improve effectiveness in professional and personal life?

    A plan provides a road map both in professional and person life. The personal and professional plan establishes realistic goals and objectives consistent with the person's professional and personal needs defined in a time frame within the professional and/or individual's capacity for implementation. This step-by-step process increases the likelihood of being effective, mainly because you know where you are going and how you are getting there. Following the plan increases a person's confidence from increased efficiency and effectiveness and it solves major problems and/or prevents problems from arising through implementing the plan. Conversely, without a plan, you do not have a road map to success and are less likely to be effective.

    Part of professional life is organizational management, which impacts professional and personal levaels of development and effectiveness.

    For example, Commonwealth ...

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    The implications of planning for effectiveness in professional and personal life are explored.