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    Force Field Analysis

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    Lewis J., Packard T., Lewis M. (2007). Management of human service programs. Belmont: Thomson

    â?¢ Write a paper in which you formulate a framework for achieving and maintaining individual excellence for your life and list what skills you have or need to develop further.

    â?¢ Construct a Force Field Analysis, similar to Figure 11.1 found on p. 268 in Ch. 11 of Managing of Human Service Programs, using the following list of interrelated and interdependent elements of human service functions. You are assessing yourself.

    â?¢ List your personal driving and restraining forces as well as your current position and desire for each of the following conditions:

    o Managing the environment
    o Planning and program design
    o Organizational design
    o Human resource development
    o Supervision
    o Financial management
    o Information systems
    o Program evaluation
    o Leadership and organizational change

    â?¢ Examine and express how each of Peter Sengeâ??s Five Disciplines has meaning to you. Conduct a self-assessment of your skills for growth in each of the five disciplines:

    o Personal Mastery: personal growth and learning
    o Mental Models: deeply held images about how the world works
    o Shared Vision: alignment of personal visions
    o Team Learning: using dialogue to address difficult issues
    o Systems Thinking: a conceptual framework for integrating the other four disciplines by observing patterns and seeing how to change them

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    Force Field Analysis

    For Kurt Lewin (1997), when we face issues & problems, we are faced with confronting opposing sources. He states, "An issue is held in balance by the interaction of two opposing sets of forces - those seeking to promote change (driving forces) & those attempting to maintain the status qou (restraining forces)." This observation is found to be of great importance in the struggle for positive organizational change - the equilibrium that he refers to allows organizations to study their own 'force fields' in order to overcome restraining forces to facilitate change. A force field analysis allows organizations to study the equilibrium or status qou in place, investigating the balance of power, identifying key players, including opponents, allies and target groups to facilitate & influence outcome. The force field analysis however can also be used for reflection to understand one's 'equilibrium'. It helps especially if one is faced with particular issues in which a shift is necessary to overcome the challenges.

    Personally, for example, when it comes to personal mastery, while I am always up for learning new technologies and skills to move upwards in my current firm, I find that I am restrained by my personality - I am not very good when it comes to relating to others and while I can improve on my own skill set, I find that I am not very patient and tolerant of others who cannot focus and take their roles and jobs as seriously as I do. This makes me form negative opinions of people based on their performance and professional capacities alone; it closes me off from understanding their personal circumstances which is of course influencing their professional behaviour. I believe that I have to overcome this to be a good ...

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    The solution is a sample force field analysis based on the work of Kurt Lewin formulating a framework geared towards maintaining individual excellence. Driving and restraining forces are listed in this self assessment. The solution is simulated - meaning it is created to fit the profile of a working student. It is a 1,328-word essay that follows the APA format and lists references. a word version of the solution is attached for easy download and printing.