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Action Research

Imagine you are going to do an Action Research project in a Real Estate Office. Planning needs to include the political forces that are present. Construct a force field analysis to describe the major influences you will need to address. Chose one of them and follow through with developing a plan to address the issue.

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// In this research paper, we will study about the concepts of 'Force Field Analysis'. We will also study about the plans that describe action research project in the real estate office. We will then, analyze the ' Importance of Political Factors' in developing a competent and effective plan for action research. //


Force field analysis is performed to assess the situation in order to promote the development in the associated department or field. There are various factors which are to be analyzed and address in order to perform action research in an effective manner. This paper describes plans for action research project in the real estate office, which is accomplished with the help of force field analysis. Force field analysis assist the researcher to identify the restraining as well as driving forces which are important from the research point of view. Apart from this, it also describes about the strategic plan which was developed to address the restraining forces.

Political factors

In order to develop an effective and competent plan for the action research, it is essential to include the political forces. There are various political factors which come in the way of action research in a great way. Political forces such as rules and regulations, policies, provisions and power are the main forces which are to address in order to accomplish a promising action research project.

// Then, we will study about the 'Force Field Analysis', which ...

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The response address the queries posted in 902 words with reference