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    Lewin's Change Model

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    Discussion question: Identify the key components of Lewin's change model.

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    The work of social psychologist Kurt Lewin dominated the practice of change management for over 40 years. However, in the past 20 years, Lewin's approach to change, particularly the 3-Step model, has attracted major criticisms. (Burnes, 2004) Nonetheless, Lewin's contributions to the field have been immeasurable.

    For example, Lewin developed the force field analysis model to help explain how the change process works. This model helps change agents diagnose the forces that drive and restrain proposed organizational change. Although developed over 50 years ago, Lewin's force field analysis model remains the prominent lens through which this process is viewed.

    One side of the force field model represents the driving forces that push organizations toward a new state of affairs. Some of the driving forces external to an organization include ...

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