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Lewin's model and implementing change

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If the Lewin's model is used, how might a leader implement change? Also, what would be some challenges that could arise while implementing change and how would a leader address each challenge?

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This solution discusses Lewin's model and how a leader can successfully use this model to implement change. The challenges that may arise while implementing change and how to address those challenges are also discussed.

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The Lewin's model is based on understanding the distinct stages within the change process. In this model, the assessment begins before change happens. The manager/leader must critically analyze the reasons for the change. This includes a comprehensive examination of why the change needs to take place, and then a strategic plan with how the change will take place at each step in this model. This model is very orderly and analysis is its main component at each stage.

In this model, the first main stage (called unfreeze) is where management begins most of the preparation for the change, including the preparation of the employees and readying other key components in the change process. In this stage, the manager meets with the resistance that is naturally present, to some degree, with change. This is when ...

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