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    Addressing Organizational Change with Lewin's Change Model

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    Using an example of how the Lewin's change model is applied, discuss your recommendations for when you would use this model to address organizational change.

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    I'm assuming you are already familiar with Lewin's change model so I won't spend a lot of time explaining it here. Basically, Lewin proposed that there are 2 sets of forces that are pushing against each other to determine if a situation will remain in equilibrium, or must be changed. Most simply put, there are forces for change on the one side and forces for maintaining the status quo on the other. "When both sets of forces are about equal, current behaviors are maintained in what Lewin termed a state of 'quasi-stationary equilibrium". To change that state, one can ...

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    This solution explains how the principles of Lewin's Change Model can be used to instigate organizational change.