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    Change Management Models for Organizations

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    Organizations, like all cultures, must continue to evolve or they stagnate and eventually become obsolete. Using change management tools can help an organization to stay vibrant and evolve over time to remain competitive. Research change management models and address the following:

    Describe two or three change management models
    Choose one model and discuss how an organization can use the model to manage the change process.
    Using examples, from either your personal experience or from your research, discuss how an actual organization has either successfully used such a model or would have benefited from applying this model.

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    Management Models

    1. McKinsey's 7-S Model is used for aligning the organization and improving its performance. It is based on seven organizational elements: strategy, structure, systems, shared values, style, staff, and skill.

    Use of the model dictates that the organization determines each element to get a fixed picture of the effectiveness of its strategic plans. It can be used to compare how the organization is doing and what it wants to do in the future. This comparison helps to assess any existing gaps and what needs to be done to clear them. Elements determination factors include:

    Strategy - what to accomplish; use of resources
    Structure - organizational structure; hierarchy; decision-making process
    System - what drives the organization's technology?
    Shared value - defines organization's vision, values, and culture
    Style - management style
    Staff - size, needs, resources
    Skills - skillsets, service delivered

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