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    Various change management approaches and models

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    Thanks for your help. I have now reserved this post for you as per your email earlier for the price of 6 credits. I have listed down my requirements below:

    1) I'm looking to have about 750 words of literature review written up about the various change management approaches/models that are available. Please do 3 to 5 models but Kotter's 8 step model needs to be one of them.

    2) As this is a literature review, I feel that just listing out the different models and their characteristics won't be sufficient. I am therefore looking for the following story line:
    a) What are the most popular approaches/models which are being utilized today?
    b) What are some of the similarities and differences between these models?
    c) What are some of the associated pros and cons of utilizing each of these models?
    d) Finally, it needs to say that the focus of the rest of this research paper is going to be on the Kotter model.

    3) The literature review needs to be supported by several academic references.

    4) The write-up must also be 100% plagiarism free, which brings me to my next question.

    5) Will I have sole ownership of the write-up that you're providing or will this be posted onto the solutions library later on? The reason why I'm asking is if this is to be posted on the solutions library so that other users can purchase it later, Turnitin is without a doubt going to be able to pick it up when I submit my assignment.

    Please do let me know and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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    The response addresses the query posted in 804 words APA references.

    //The concept of change management includes various tools and techniques that are used to manage the changes related to the employees at the organizational level to promote sustainable development in the business organizations. Through this paper, various models of change management can be analyzed that are being used in the present scenario.//

    Literature Review

    According to Gustin (2007), it is necessary for all the organizations to bring change management processes in order to remain competitive in the real world (Gustin, 2007). In the same context, the change management models used by the business organizations include Lewin's Three Stage Model, Kotter's Eight-Step Model and McKinsey 7-S Model of change. The change management approaches that are most commonly utilized in the present scenario include the Kotter's Eight-Step Model, 7 habits model of Stephen Covey, Kubler-Ross model, Force-field analysis model and ADKAR model of change.

    In the views of Rothwell (2015), the similarities in these commonly used models is that it is easy to understand these models and they focuses to motivate the individuals to the process of change. The one key difference among the Lewin's Three Stage Model and Kotter's Eight-Step Model is that Lewin's Three Stage Model emphasizes more on the actions and the outcomes of the required change, whereas in the Kotter's Eight-Step Model, ...

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    The expert examines various change management approaches and models. The response addresses the query posted in 804 words APA references.