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    Change Model & Leading Organizational Change

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    Discuss two of the following statements.

    Describe Lewin's change model and the systems model of change, and discuss the external and internal forces that create the need for organizational change.

    Discuss Kotter's Eight Steps for Leading Organizational Change.

    Discuss the 11 Reasons Employees Resist Change.

    Discuss the process organizations use to build their learning capabilities and identify alternative strategies for overcoming resistance to change

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    Levin's Change Model and the Systems Model of Change:

    Lewin's change model is a three stage model of managing and effecting change in an organization from initiating, managing to stabilizing the change process. These three stages are: unfreezing which involves creating motivation for change by encouraging the change of old organizational behaviors and attitudes with new desired ones and developing ways of reducing the obstacles to change; changing which involves providing new ways of doing things, helping people to learn new points of view and concepts, benchmarking results, training ways of ensuring effective change; and refreezing which helps in stabilizing change helping employees integrate the attitude and change into their way of doing business through modeling, coaching and positive reinforcement to effect desired change and stability (Farias, 2010).

    A systems model on the other hand looks at the big picture of change focusing on the interaction between them and among the three key components of change. These are inputs such as the internal strengths and weaknesses of an organization in effecting change and the external threats and opportunities within organizations in effecting change; target elements of a change such as the social factors in the change process, the people involved in the change process, the organizing elements, the goals, and the methods of bringing change. ...

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    This solution discusses Lewin's Change Model and the Systems Model of Change, external and internal forces that create the need for organizational change and Kotter's eight steps for leading organizational change.