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    Organizational change, Lewin's change model

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    Why do organizations change? Why do people resist change? How can Lewin's Change Model be applied to organizational change?

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    Change is defined as pervasive influence, where all aspects are subjects to continual change of one form or another. The concept of organizational change is in regard to organization-wide change, as opposed to smaller changes such as adding a new person, modifying a program and the like. People resist change because they have to learn something new. In many cases there is not a disagreement with benefits of the new process, but rather a fear of the unknown future and about their ability.

    American managers are criticized for emphasizing short-term, quick fix solutions to organizational problems. When applied to organizational change, this approach is doomed from the start. Quick fix solutions do not really solve underlying problems. And they have little staying power. ...

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    The expert determines why organizations change and why people resist change.