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    Organizational Change - Lewin's Model of Force Field Analysis

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    Manager has decided to increase the inventory from 3 months supply to 6 months of supply in case of supply shortage. Most of the employees know the inventory is already too much and the overflowing inventory would be a disaster to store. After the conversation with the manager he agree to meet in the middle - 4.5 months.

    Using Lewin's model of force field analysis, explain what was done well and the rationale for that approach. Also, what recommendations would you have made to the decision maker that would have enhanced the outcome? Explain your rationale. Support your insights and comments with citations from your research.

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    The issue at hand is a change in inventory policy - from the usual inventory level of three- months' supply to six - months' supply. This was thought by the manager in anticipation of possible supply shortage in the future.

    Using Lewin's Force Field Analysis (FFA), this issue may be studied by analyzing the interaction of two opposing forces - the driving forces and the restraining forces. The driving forces are those forces that seek to promote change while the restraining forces are those that attempt to maintain the status quo or the current situation. In the case at hand, the change intended is making the inventory level enough for a six-month supply. The status quo is maintaining a level of inventory enough for a three-month supply.

    According to Lewin, the said forces that may fall ...

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