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    Forecasting and Strategic Management Processes

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    1. List five personal events and the year they are likely to occur in the future. List five general events and the year they are likely to occur in the future.

    2. Discuss which model of the strategic management process most closely meets the planning needs of your organization. Who in your organization would you involve in your planning process and why? How much time would you require to conduct the strategic management process and to write a plan? What form of communication about the strategic management process would be helpful to the employees in your organization prior to beginning the process?

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    Strategic Management Process

    a. Five Personal events & their time of occurrence: A wide variety of personal events will take place in the future. However, five prominent personal events will be:

    i. Completion of professional education: I will complete my management course and get over with my academic life. 2010
    ii. Joining a progressive organization at a reputable designation: I will search a growing organization where my skills and competencies will be put to use in a professional manner. 2011
    iii. Getting married & Settling into a family-life: I will enter the first phase of family-life and try to fulfill the responsibilities of a good husband and father. 2014-2016
    iv. Retirement from the job: This will be an end to my services for the organization I will work for. 2040
    v. Starting own business: I will undertake my own business project and try to serve the community through it. 2042

    b. Five General events & their time of occurrence: Similar to various personal events, a large number of general ...

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    This response attempts to forcast personal and general events that will take place in the next century as well as providing a more concrete view on the planning requirements of strategic management. 682 Words with APA References