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    How can a leader develop a balanced lifestyle?

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    Discuss the value of having a balance in your work and life responsibilities. How much of an impact do you think this has on your leadership style and effectiveness?

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    Balancing work and life responsibilities is challenging for most people in the business and otherwise. Many homemakers, who are also leaders, find it difficult to take care of the kids, home, meals for the family and spend time taking care of their personal, emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs. If only, leaders from all circles could find the art of balancing work and life responsibilities.

    The value of balancing work and life responsibilities all involves change. Changing lifestyle, changing work schedules, changing work order (to organize), and changing the thinking patterns. These changes will help with making smart decisions. To conquer change is to conquer the balancing act of work and life responsibilities. Leaders are challenged daily to achieve effectiveness in their leadership role. For example, to slow down and stop to enjoy the people around them (followers), not only to be task oriented but to add ...

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    An effective leader strives to develop a balance in all aspects of life: a balance in social, spiritual, personal, and professional facet of life. To acquire these abilities, a leader must practice self-reflection, manage self-control, strengths, and weaknesses.