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12 Angry Men Film Notes

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View the movie, 12 Angry Men (1957), Orion-Nova Productions. Discuss:

Patterns of persuasion and conformity
Issues of prejudice
Reliance on cognitive heuristics

Did the group in the film demonstrate group polarization? Are they at risk for groupthink?

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500 words of brainstorming briefly demonstrates some examples of patterns of persuasion and conformity in this riveting film.

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As you briefly examine patterns of persuasion and conformity that occur in this film, I definitely classify them. For example, the initial 11-1 guilty vote clearly demonstrates the massive conformity in this film to appease the majority and a "no go" approach against the majority numbers and opinion. However, Eight strives to not only prove the other jurors wrong but also to enable them to assess the case more objectively, without their personal biases clouding their judgment. In particular, I firmly believe that he employs logos to persuade as he states logical arguments to modify their opinions.

Besides, he further removes emotion and uses critical and rational thinking by offering empirical evidence to eventually sway the other jurors. I also feel like his pathos or his stoic nature or character fosters ...

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