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Boyz in the Hood Research

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Notes on a narrative analysis of Boyz in the Hood are supplied briefly. Also, choose 3 critical articles (one each from a film magazine, film online site and book) on the film you have a chosen and discuss whether you agree or disagree with their analysis.


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3 references are included to explicate ideas about Boyz in the Hood, the film by Singleton.

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Notes on a narrative analysis of Boyz in the Hood:

Boyz in the Hood is a riveting film that depicts the realism behind the contemporary African American urban experience in America. It further showcases a coming of age film that illustrates the hardships primarily experienced by Tre, Doughboy, and Ricky. Tre, the protagonist, struggles with balancing peer pressure with his yearning for social mobility. The film also presents intersections of gender, race, class, and power struggles as prominent themes.

As the title suggests, the whole film shows the effects of the "hood" or the social and cultural environment upon the characters' fate.

Besides the maturation story, the film also explores the family relationships and dynamics within the characters. The lack of a strong father figure for Ricky and Doughboy also plays an eminent role in the film.

First of all, from the online film site at http://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/boyz-n-the-hood-1991, I strongly concur with Ebert's overall analysis of the film as a portrait of violence and survival in ...

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