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Carter versus Perrault and the Brothers Grimm

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Carter, "The Company of Wolves" (1580-1587)
1. Read Angela Carter's version of the Red Riding Hood fairy tale.
2. Answer this question: Does Carter's version radically departs from Perrault's and the Grimms', or does it basically resemble them?

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Does Carter's version radically depart from Perrault's and the Grimms', or does it basically resemble them? Do not worry about having an overall introduction, thesis, or conclusion for this assignment. Simply work on analyzing similarities and differences and writing four solid body paragraphs. Build each paragraph around a strong topic sentence that announces the similarity/difference, and fill each paragraph with your analysis and evidence from the text.

Carter's tale is similar to Perrault's and the Brothers Grimm's version of Little Red Riding Hood because the setup of the story is the same. Little Red Riding Hood is dispatched through the wood, after a warning from mother, with a basket of treats for aged grandmama, and she meets the wolf (albeit as a charming man) who speaks kindly to her and walks with her until they come to the two paths spoken of in the Perrault version. They part, and the innocent girl tarries in the forest. The wolf-man arrives at granny's, deceives his way inside, and devours granny. Along comes the ...

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Three versions of Little Red Riding Hood, and their dissimilar themes and morals, with specific instances of departures in theme for each version.