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Differences in Qualifying Dimensions and Determining Dimensions

What is the difference between qualifying dimensions and determining dimensions? Explain why segmentation efforts based on attempts to divide the mass market using a few demographic dimensions may be very disappointing.

Textbook required for the response; Essentials of Marketing 12 Edition by William D. Perreault, Jr. and Joseph P. Cannon.

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Qualifying dimensions are those core features determined to be necessary for all segments of a market. Determining dimensions are those features specific to each market segment. Suppose a company wants to offer a new organic cotton t-shirt to consumers (Perrault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2009). The core features or qualifying dimensions for all segments will include the use of organic cotton fabric in the manufacturing process, comfort, and durability. These are dimensions that all consumers, regardless of demographics, background, or requirements, are likely to expect in the product.

The determining ...

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The differences in qualifying dimensions and determining dimensions are provided.