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Creating a Story Frame

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I need assistance with this discussion question......
I have attached a file below as an example (sample children's story) of what one of my classmates has completed.

This week we learned about some of the possible curricular strategies and interventions that were specific to reading, writing, and math. One of the strategies, Story Frame (http://files.solution-tree.com/pdfs/Reproducibles_ISI/storyframe.pdf), is a very effective way to support students who experience difficulty with reading comprehension.

For this discussion, create your own story frame based on any children's book. Post your story frame in your discussion and then discuss how you think this strategy could support students who have challenges with reading comprehension. Are there other learners that could benefit from this strategy? In what ways could this strategy be adapted to work with various grade levels or other content areas?

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See the attached children's story Robin Hood frame.

Title of Story: Robin Hood
Author: James Baldwin
Genre: A Quest Legend
Characters: Robin, Band of Merry Men -- Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, Much the Miller's Son, Alan a Dale and above all Maid Marian, his true love.
Settings: The Sherwood Forest in England
Plot: In England, Robin hood and his outlaws robbed rich travelers in the Sherwood forest, where they hid and hunted deer.
Problem/conflict: Robin never allow his men to harm the rich men whom they robbed
Rising action: The poor people praised Robin hood for bringing them food, money and goods.
Ending/resolution: There were nearly a hundred outlaws at his bedside. Robin hood was stabbed by his fellow brother.
Theme/message: Robin defends the underdog against oppression. Although Robin is an outlaw, a thief and a rebel, he is usually a strong ...

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