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Your manager was very impressed with your teams' delivery on the story elements. Your project managers are currently working on a presentation for the university client. Your manager asked if you could assist in their efforts by leading a brainstorming session with the group of project managers. You feel that the best method to go about this project is to make sure everyone thinks like a student would. To better prepare for the strategy meeting, you put together an outline of discussion points and send it out for everyone to complete. Please address the following in your discussions:

What key topics should be addressed in the presentation?
In what ways can the setting tell a story by itself?
What do you feel is the best element of a story?
Which elements do you feel are the most important to make the story whole?
Remember to include a reference list at the end of your submission.

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As you list what key elements are best to determine a story, please allow my notes to help within this very vast topic:

First, as you consider what ways can the setting tell a story by itself, you might note that a setting reveals historical context, so readers know when or the time frame in which it is occurring. Setting also offers clues about location in ...

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