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    Setting, character, and plot of a story

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    Your team of writers is given the task to create a feature article pertaining to the fundamentals of a story. Beforehand, you decide that you want to get each writer's input on their thoughts behind the fundamentals of a story. Before the upcoming strategy meeting, you decide to send out a survey to gather some thoughts. Your survey will consist of the following:

    What are the different ways a story's plot affects the reader's comprehension?
    In what ways do the style and point of view in a story affect the delivery of that story?
    How can a story's elements (plot, characters, setting, and so on) develop the theme?

    After completing the survey, you decide to put it into a summary to share with the group at the strategy meeting. The magazine is working towards an APA format so all work published must abide by APA guidelines. Remember to include in-text citations and a reference list at the end of your submission.

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    Concepts of Setting, Character and Plot

    At the time of writing a story, there are various elements that should be considered by the writers such as plot of the story, background of the story, concept of the story, style and point of view, characters, etc. (Plots & Stories, 2009). These elements play an important role in the success of the story because they leave an impression on the readers and lead their behavior and way of thinking. At the time of reading the story, the readers get into the depth and imagine like the characters of the story, which shows the effectiveness of various fundamental concepts of the story (Dinneen & O'Connor, 2009). So at the time of writing a story, it is necessary for the writers to understand the impact of these fundamental concepts.

    A plot of a story affects the understanding of a reader in many ways. The plot is the basic plan that leads the knowledge of readers. A simple plot helps the reader to ...

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