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Early 17th century literature is examined in these areas:

?Define the elements of a story within the work chosen
?Plot Development
?The impact these elements have when used in combination of each

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As you discuss these literary elements within Donne's piece, please allow some of my ideas to assist. Please note that it was difficult to talk about short story elements because this piece is not actually a short story at all; instead, it is a prose piece. However, I offer some ideas to get you started. Once you write your own ideas, please feel free to send to us for editing and feedback. If you choose to select another short story from the 17th century, I am more than happy to help if you want to ask for me as a Special Request:

First of all, you might note that Donne's character seems to be his own persona. As you define character, it is usually the person or animal who participates in a story's action. Thus, Donne, to me, seems like a character in this piece. You might also suggest that Donne even assumes this theological ...

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Donne's work is examined.