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Analysis of alternate ending to story

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Reflect on the new ending you created for "Pagan Night." For example, you may claim that changing character, symbolism, and setting also changed one theme. In the body of your essay, make sure to tell us what that theme is! This is an example of framing your argument with three causes and one effect. OR you may claim that changing character affected plot, setting, and theme. This is an example of framing your argument with one cause and three effects.

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Kate Braverman's short story Pagan Night has an alternate ending, which is analyzed for plot, theme and setting according to the character change that makes up the alternate ending.

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The alternate ending you wrote for Pagan Night, where you very satisfactorily killed off Dalton, affected at least three of the story's conflicts, or themes. The first theme was that Sunny was a camp follower of Dalton's. His death (suicide, in effect) by heroin overdose freed her from her obligations to Dalton, and Dalton's wishes, whether those obligations were imposed by him, or imposed by Sunny upon herself. His death freed her to make her own decisions. You indicated her release from his demands by her callous dumping and abandonment of his dead body - her refusal to think of the thing that Dalton had become as the Dalton that she knew. Note that you made Dalton's death in no way Sunny's fault. Dalton was entirely and completely responsible for his own demise. That is the good part about being the author of the new ending. This theme, of Sunny's release from Dalton's wishes, allowed her to make the ...

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