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Alternate ending for Pagan Night

Braverman, "Pagan Night"
Write an alternate ending for this story. You can add to the ending or replace this ending with one of your own. Try to stay true to the story itself while making one or two changes in one of the elements of short stories (plot, structure, point of view, characters, setting, imagery, or language) and then letting the change affect the new ending as it plays out.

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Kate Braverman's short story, "Pagan Night" was accessed at the following Web site URL: www.katebraverman.com/pagannight.html

This assignment asks you to write an alternate ending for the story. In my opinion, the story did not have a very satisfactory ending, it just stopped, which is not quite the same thing as an ending that concludes, or gives a sense of completeness to the story. Braverman wrote Pagan Night as a "stream of consciousness" story, which means her literary style records thoughts from the point of view of the girl in the story (I hesitate to call her the "heroine") as her random thoughts occur to her. This gives the story a rambling, wandering, daydreaming mood as we follow the girl's thoughts. We get hints about her, her life, her history, and her character (or lack thereof) as she wanders through her day and through her thoughts at the same time.

To create an alternate ending to this story, you will have to mimic this free writing style already established in the story, so that the new ending you create blends seamlessly with the story already told. The assignment instructions allow you to make whatever changes you like to the story in order to create your new ending. I would choose to make a character change, you could choose to make any change to the story that you like when you craft your response. You will need to include imagery from the story to tie the two parts together and give the new part a sense of continuity with the old part. The last paragraph of the story is copied and pasted here as a beginning for your new ending, from the story's Web site.

Sunny knows exactly what she will be thinking when it happens. There are always acres of sun and their fading. It is all a sequence of erasures and absences. Who is to say flesh into water or flesh into rock is not a form of perfection? What of Moses on the river with an ineluctable destiny to be plucked from reeds by a princess? Perhaps on some fishing ...

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Kate Braverman's short story, Pagan Night needs an alternate ending, and a model ending is provided which makes a character change which results in a change of setting and theme for the story.