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    Business Law: Pagan v. Glendale

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    What is the holding in Pagan v. Fruchey and Village of Glendale, 492 F.3d 766 (6th Cir. 2007) and why is it important to business law?

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    I have outlined the case and the three court decisions. I also added why I think it is important for business law.

    Case Analysis of Pagan v. Fruchey and Village of Glendale

    This case was found in favor of the respondents, Chief Fruchey and Glendale, by summary judgment, upheld by the court of appeal. The court found no issues of the First Amendment and free speech (in this case, commercial speech, were being violated and that the ordinance was legal under existing laws. Pagan, who was attempting to sell a car by parking it in front of his home with a small "for sale" sign on it, was warned of a possible citation for ...

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    This solution provides a review of the case in the assignment and the court decisions of the district court and court of appeals. The case in question is the Pagan v. Fruckey and the Village of Glendale. The explanation is given 367 words along with two website references.