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Story Elements

These areas are covered:

Your team has been given a new project to create content for a chapter focusing on the fundamentals of a story. Beforehand, you take the individual task to start a discussion group to brainstorm ideas for the chapter. You put together an outline for the discussion to make sure it remains on-task. Your outline should consist of the following:

In what ways do the style and point of view in a story format effects the delivery of that story?
What key elements do you need to make sure that your story is complete?
How can the theme be evident throughout a story?

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As you create your outline, please allow some of my notes to help:

First, as you look at in what ways do the style and point of view in a story format affect the delivery of that story, please note that they influence the way in which readers empathize or understand a character. For example, if writing about death from the decreased character's viewpoint, readers may feel more sympathy than if the author chooses to write from the evil murderer's viewpoint.

Since all stories use a narrator, he or she presents the action ...

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