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    Joyce, Carver & Jackson

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    Describe how James Joyce focuses the importance of religion and setting in '' Araby '' . Include your opinions of how the setting influenced the story mood and development. For example , Joyce specifies the street location and the time of year in the story. How does that color your response to the story? What do you think is the significance of the back drawing room ? Joyce could have had the youth encounter the young lady anywhere . Why is the setting of the bazaar important ? ( 1 page ).

    Elaborates upon the methods used to develop the characters of Dammy and the Father in the story '' The third Thing That Killed My Father Off'', by Raymond Carver. Consider elements such as the relationship of Dummy and the Father and your reaction to the way Dammy is treated at work . What is the relationship of the other characters to development of the story ?Do they reinforce your perception of Dummy and the father .How does the author do that ? Why do you think it is important that this story is narrated by the son ? Why do you think the author never reveals Dummy's actual name ? How does this enhance the character development ? Why do you think the author created a character who couldn't talk ? How does inability to speak contribute to the story ? ( 1 page ).

    Explains techniques of plot development used by Shirley Jackson in the story , '' The Lottery ''. You might consider responding to some of these questions . Does the author allude to the ending ? This story was written in 1948. Several 20th century events may have influenced the author to write the story in a modern time period. What were some which were not suggested by Guth and Rico in your text ? How is ritual an important element of this story's plot development. ? Why do you think the author details the description of the box itself ? Do some self-exploration . Elaborate on addtional plot devises. ( 1 page) .

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