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    Position in Human Resources

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    1) Who should the top three choices be for this position? List them in rank order and provide rationale.

    2) What consideration should be given to by the Ad Hoc committee on Diversity that Mr. Jackson should be hired since he meets the minimum qualifications and Dynamo has an affirmative action program.

    3) How should the selection process be change in the future (additional selection devices, additional information to gather, sources to drop or change).

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    My three choices would be Kathy Joyce, Jay Davis, and Frank Hall.
    Joyce is currently a plant manager for Dynamo. She has the experience in the job and the company. There would be little need to address company policies and culture, though she would find a different local culture in the new position. She scored well on all areas and in most they establish her ability to meet the job description. Of particular interest is the conflict resolution and the interacting with others. These are definitely needed at the Pittsburgh plant. She also scores well in handling stress and ability to succeed as a manager. Her overall interview ratings are good and her performance and promotability scores are not the highest, they are consistent. The promotablity might be because she is a woman working in a field often considered as a man's job.
    My second choice would be Jay Davis who is an assistant plant manager and has experience in management through this position in both St. Paul and Atlanta. He scores well in most of the ...

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