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    The division of John Carver's Farm Estate

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    Q1: On March 10, 2007, John Carver executed his will, which was witnessed by William Hobson and Sam Witt. By his will, Carver devised his farm, Stonecrest, to his nephew, Roy White. The residue of his estate was given to his sister, Florence Carver. A codicil to his will executed April 15, 2007, provided that $25,000 be given to Carver's niece, Mary Jordan, and $25,000 to Wanda White, Roy White's wife. The codicil was witnessed by Roy White and Harold Brown. John Carver died September 1, 2007, and the will and codicil were admitted to probate. How should Carver's estate be distributed?

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    In March, John executed his will, witnessed by William and Sam. John left his farm to his nephew, Roy. The rest of the estate was left to John's sister, Florence. A codicil was executed the following month. The codicil provided that $25,000 be given to Mary and $25,000 to Wanda, Roy's wife. The codicil was ...

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    This solution explains how the Stonecrest farm and remaining estate will be divided among the beneficiaries, as per the law.