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Carver's word usage

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These questions are reviewed:

Question 1: As you were reading, what descriptive details, both visual and non-visual (smell, Sound, touch) caught your attenton? What made them so effective? Strong, active verbs? Original adjectives? The fact that they creared an image, impression or association in your mind?

Question 2: In talking about his father, what does Carver reveal about himself?

Question 3: What does Carver's poem add to the story?

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Solution Summary

Carver's word usage is examined. What Carver's poem adds to the story are determined.

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Below are my suggestions for answering each of these questions. Of course, you can either elaborate further on these themes or add different ones in constructing a finished answer. Good luck!

1. Sensory details, visual and non-visual, are sparse in this story. They are most striking when they support the dramatic undercurrents of the narrative. The author does show a consist interest in remarking dimensions. For instance, we get the juxtaposition of his parents' tiny residence in Omak and the magnitude of the turbines and dam of the electric generator. This is emblematic of the contrast between the burgeoning prosperity of the country and the squalor endured by the men whose backs it is being built on. We find a similar contrast between the narrator's mother's large, healthy body--mentioned early in the narrative, just after their wedding--and his father's frame, so eroded during his days of sickness and privation, ...

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