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Story Analysis: Neighbors

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Read Raymond Carver's "Neighbors" (pg .116).
1. Describe what you consider to be the story's main idea.
2. Describe a scene in the story that you thought the action of the main character(s) was interesting, troubling, or conflicting. What could account for this action?
3. What did the character (s) learn?

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"Neighbors" by Raymond Carvers centers on a couple named Bill and Arlene Miller who were left to take care of the Stone couple's apartment when they left for a trip leaving the Millers to water the plants and feed the cat while the Stones were away for vacation. The Stones lived a more fulfilling life while the Millers started comparing themselves with the Stones. Their behavior changed when the Stones were away. They did the chores assigned of them but they have acted inappropriately. The story is moral based with the main idea of the Millers' modified behavior due to their feelings of envy of the Stones and with the way they compare themselves with them. They feel that the Stones live a more exciting and more ...

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An analysis of Raymond Carver's "Neighbors"- main idea, interesting scene, moral lesson of the story. References are included.