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Evaluation paper

Discover a question related to any work or by an author you like and do research to explore this question. You can choose one work, multiple works by the same author, or multiple works by multiple authors.

Then, determine whether your question would best be answered by a response , comparison, analysis, explication, or evaluation paper format.

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Please allow some of my notes to help. Once you write your own essay, please send to me for editing. Please also remember to structure your sources into MLA format:

First of all, as you explore a question about an author, you might use the question, "How do working class themes figure into Raymond Carver's short stories and what is the impact upon the characters, character relationships, themes, and readers?"

In turn, please note that Carver's works embody so much psychological, social, and economic ramifications as a result of working class problems. Critics talks about how his "spare emotional and material texture" (cai.ucdavis.edu/enl3/subtlespectacle.htm ) serves as a sort of parallel for his characters' dreary working-class lives.

As you offer some additional critical responses, literary theorists also examine his working class characters. Scholars suggest that "Socio-economic regionalist might be an appropriate label for Raymond Carver. As in all great regional writing, the issues and themes that emerge in his fiction resonate far beyond their particular locale. His working-class protagonists face class-less problems: the ubiquitous marital, financial, personal, and philosophical challenges of 20th century life" (http://occawlonline.pearsoned.com/bookbind/pubbooks/gioialasf_abl/chapter2/custom31/deluxe-content.html).

In order to find similarities among Carver's characters within this theme and umbrella question, please also note how it is interesting to compare that most of his characters work in low-paying occupations like mining, logging, milling, or factory work. Thus, his working class themes and characters show how economic conditions isolate his characters socially, ...

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