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3D IT leadership model

Company: Exxon Mobile

Identify the corporate structure, including the location and divisions along with the IT governance.
Discuss a 3D IT leadership model.
Identify the major factors in the model and provide your rationale. Discuss the presence or absence of these factors in your corporate structure.

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3D IT leadership model.

Begin this assignment by visiting the company's website (see link below). The information provided herein is pretty straight-forward, and it should be relatively easy to complete your project. The links provided contains the reference source, and further useful information:

* Identify the corporate structure: According to their website, Exxon Mobile's corporate structure consists of a "Board with approximately 11 to 13 members + 2 to 3 employee directors, and 9 to 10 non-employee directors. There are also Independent Directors [Elected], a Chairman, CEO, and Presiding Director, perhaps referred to as the President.
Link: http://www.exxonmobil.com/Corporate/investor_governance_guidelines.aspx

* Location and divisions: Exxon-Mobile is located with divisions on virtually every continent, except 'maybe' Antartica, which was not mentioned on the company's website.
See: http://www.exxonmobil.com/corporate/imports/globalwebsites/about_where_countries.aspx

* IT governance: Interestingly, ExxonMobile's corporate site does not appear to have information about its IT governance. Perhaps this is 'private' and not 'public' data? However, LSU's meeting on Technoloy presented Pat Bodin, former CIO and vice president of ExxonMobil, whom was one of the executives instrumental in technology decisions. The site says, "Bodin is a graduate of LSU ...

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Solution identifies the corporate structure, including the location and divisions along with the IT governance.
The 3D IT leadership model is discussed, along with major factors the presence or absence of corporate structure.