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The Role of Motivation and Leadership in Innovation

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1. What is the role of motivation in innovation? How would you reward innovative behavior? What do you feel are the ethical implications associated with rewarding an individual, as opposed to a team?

2. What is the role of leadership in an innovative organization? How is this type of leadership different from that of a non-innovative organization? Would you describe the leadership of your organization as innovative? Why or why not?

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What is the role of motivation in innovation?
The role is to allow creativity without boundaries. Southwest Airlines is the leader in Motivation through Innovation. Southwest Airlines. "Southwest ranked 2nd in Fortune's 100 Best Companies to work for. On top of offering alluring perks like profit sharing, Southwest rewards its current employees for excellent performance, maintaining loyalty, job satisfaction, and personal motivation." (Tripp 2007)

The company is ranked as Forbes second best company to work for. (Forbes 2008). This is second only to Google. Southwest is a leader in its field. The company, until this past year, never posted a loss in 17 years. (MSNBC 2008) The company promotes its employees from within and offers numerous training programs to keep the employees motivated and promotable.

The company practices successful and sustainable methods through innovation that motivates. "Identifying best practices is easy enough. Tailoring them to your situation ...

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Incentives, training, innovation, leadership, ethics, reward system

I have to add to my Business plan.

a. How would you identify and characterize the roles of incentives and training in promoting innovation in your organization?
b. What is the role of leadership in creating, managing, and sustaining innovation in your organization?
c. What processes are in place to foster the creation, management, and sustainment of innovation?
d. What are the ethical implications of an individual reward system? Support your answer.
e. Would you describe your organization as innovative or non-innovative? Why? Explain your answer.

Be sure to support your answers. For each of these, describe what you would change if you were in charge to transform the company to be more innovative and creative.

Write this as a Q&A - no Introduction or Conclusion necessary

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