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    Implementation, Innovation and Initiative

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    Envision that you are the CEO of that organization and have complete control. Explain to me in detail what you would do to create an innovative environment. I want you to explain to me in detail how you would address the following.

    What innovation you would like to implement? What type of innovation would this be? Do you plan to use a planned or emergent strategy? What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as it relates to your innovation and the market? If you need to collaborate to succeed what are the factors that you need to consider? Which leadership characteristic has the most influence on your leadership style?

    Explain in detail two initiatives that you would put into place for your organization to make this your idea a success. You can pick anything that makes sense to you. This can be a people management strategy or a product strategy.

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    Leadership is only effective when creative vision can bring forth a sense of accountability in managing organization's resources that includes innovation initiatives. The identified resources are mainly employees, product R&D, product design, marketing strategy, and strategic applications that increases the brand identity. So, the future career decision should reflect how you wish to lead a new innovative initiative that will positively impact others; employees and consumers.

    Once you think of a leadership role, the idea to the type of an innovative initiative is a company bringing forth a product to effectively serving the consumer. By far, the most dominant business industry is technology that is innovated and inspiring by presenting newer ways towards creativity innovation. For instance, the Apple Inc. is an excellent model to launch a new way people connect and by presenting different innovative capabilities -to making a consumer's life much easier on certain tasks.

    What innovation you would like to implement?

    In the realm of technology industry, as the CEO of an organization, the rollout is an innovated product line, such as, a navigation agent. The navigation agent is both a technology device that assists in providing managing of household tasks, mobile device for cars to handle incoming calls or tests, and portable device to carry on that can communicate back to the consumer.

    Try and think of a current product on the market, such as, I-phone or I-pad and what you would design for a future product to being even ...

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