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proposed project strategy to the implementation phase

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Discuss how you will take your proposed strategy to the implementation phase.

* State how the implementation will proceed. Provide a preliminary time line for that implementation.
* Indicate your plans for revising your strategic plan in the face of obstacles that cannot be overcome.
* State your strategic objectives for the implementation phase of your project.

Suggested discussion questions:

* How is your project proceeding? Are you following your timeline? Why or why not?

* Discuss briefly your strategic plan for facing any obstacles.

* How have your limitations and assumptions changed since the beginning of your research?

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// Strategy implementation is one of the major factors for the success of an organization. In this paper, we will discuss the implementation of the proposed strategy. Various approaches of implementation, its timeline, a revision of strategic plan and strategic objectives related to the implementation will also be discussed.//

It is essential that every strategy should be implemented effectively so that the maximum benefits can be achieved from such strategy, which results into the achievement of the desired objective. This implies that the success of the strategy depends upon its effective implementation. However, for the effective implementation, the project that has been chosen is to maximize the profit in an organization and this can be achieved through innovation strategy. With the help of innovation, it becomes possible for the organization to reap profits over a longer period of time, which is not possible if the organization plans to increase its profit without including innovation in its processes. Hence, the proposed innovation strategy will lead to the achievement of the objective of the organization through an effective implementation process (Choosing an innovation strategy: theory and practice, 1994).

In the effective implementation of the innovation initiative, there are four major risk points that needs to be considered. These risk points include the innovation driver, which implies that it becomes essential for the organization to identify the needs as to why it carries out the innovation. The reason behind such an innovation should be well known by the management of the company, as otherwise it would put the entire innovation process at risk. Further, the innovation strategy, the innovation implementation and the assessment of the innovation performance are the other major aspects of the innovation initiative taken by ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1178 words with references.