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Job Enrichment, Small Groups, & Self Managed Teams

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Complete sentences with 20 sentences for each question. Be very detailed, NO web base and in APA format.

1. Job Enrichment can be considered as an effective motivational approach. Discuss for or against this statement.
2. Classroom group projects teams are like self-managed teams? Discuss for or against this statement
3. Discuss the overall effectiveness of self-managed teams.

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1. Job Enrichment can be considered as an effective motivational approach. Discuss for or against this statement.

Job enrichment can be considered an effective motivational approach. Employees feel motivated when they are given varied tasks to do. Employees who work at the same position may become bored and unmotivated. There is little to master and work becomes full of drudgery. By adding new tasks and opportunities, employees become challenged. This intrinsically motivates employees to become engaged. Job enrichment may be executed through changing the skills required to do something, letting employees complete a job from start to finish, or showing employees the significance of their work to the overall organization. Giving employees more autonomy, letting employees make decisions in how and when work will be done, may also increase job enrichment. This makes employees feel important and gives them a sense of purpose. Another way to add to jobs is to increase the amount of feedback employees are given. This extrinsically motivates employees to do better, in search of praise and recognition. In the workplace, employees can be rotated between jobs, thus increasing their value to the company and making their jobs more interesting. This also helps make the employee feel more valuable because they have greater skills. Another method of job enrichment is to encourage employees to cross train throughout their department. This makes the operation run more smoothly and helps people share best practices.
Job enrichment is also demonstrated in quality circles and self-directed teams. In a study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2006) job enrichment was found to increase worker satisfaction. These ...

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This detailed solution discusses if job enrichment can be considered an effective motivational approach; if classroom group project teams are like self managed teams, and the overall effectiveness of self-managed teams. Includes APA formatted references.

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