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Differentiation and Positioning Strategy

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What are some specific examples of identifying my new product or service (McDonalds, debit transactions) through differentiation and positioning strategy and explain their relationships.

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This solution discusses specific examples of identifying a new product or service through differentiation and positioning strategy.

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The purpose of the problem is to let you explore how companies use differentiation and positioning strategies to launch a new product. You are required to use examples from the industry and see how these exceptional examples can be applied in your product. I have taken the example of Federal Express that is appropriate to the problem. The reason is that this company uses differentiation in conjunction with positioning strategies and has wide applicability in different industries. Also a lot of information about the companies marketing is easily available from its website.

Given below is a template to help you prepare your answer

Positioning and Differentiation Strategies

1. Positioning as the technologically most advanced courier by the use of latest computer ...

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