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Unified Western Grocers: Differentiation and Positioning

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I need your help with finding and writing on DIFFERENTIATION and POSITIONING. We are writing a term paper as a team. And my section is on Differentiation and Positioning and the organization we selected is Unified Western Grocers. I have no idea what differntiation and positioning means and I don't know where to start or where to look. Can you help me with this.

Your help is "GREATLY" appreciated. Thank you

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Differentiation Strategy:

In this type of strategy it is possible to have a unique or "differentiated" product or service from that of the competition, which drastically alters the basic approach to competition for sellers in this industry from those in one where low-cost is pursued.

In a differentiated approach to competition, sellers seek to differ their product or a service as much as they can from that of their competitors. Therefore, this differentiation becomes their basis for competing. These sellers typically invest heavily in research and development to try to stay ahead of the competition.

An industry which pursues differentiation strategy have no downward price pressure. The greater difference perceived by the customer is what makes the primary buying decision, placing an upward pressure on prices. The more the consumers in the industry value the differences, the more price insensitive ...

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