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Positioning And Differentiation

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-Choose two existing health care organizations that are in the same discipline (e.g. hospital-hospital, insurance company-insurance company, etc.).

-Discuss each organization's positioning and differentiation strategies. Be sure to include the similarities and differences between these two organizations.

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Two existing health care organizations that are in the same discipline are chosen. The organization's position and differentiation strategies are provided.

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Positioning and Differentiation

Health systems and HCOs are currently at complex crossroads, faced with major reform in health care, demographic shifts, and other tumultuous dynamics and complexities in the industry. As such, paying particular attention to marketing campaign strategies that will position and help HCOs differentiate and effectively outline, and follow steps and detail to introduce their new products and services is critical (Nielsen, 2013). To this end, It is essential, that health care managers, and strategic marketing planners evaluate the organizational situational analysis, to ensure their agreed upon strategies are aligned with the HCO's goals, objectives, and mission statement (Deloitte, 2013).

Hospitals: Two Examples
Hospitals such as Baltimore 's Howard County Hospital and the Northwest Hospital epitomize HCOs that have successfully created sound, solid, and creative marketing strategies and created brands by offering superior quality services and care to consumers(Dozier, 2013). Both hospitals were able to do so, through product differentiation and positioning. Positioning and product differentiation are integral parts of a health care organization's (HCOs) marketing strategy in order to stay ahead and maintain an edge in the industry's competition. It is advantageous that every HCO implement and maintain a solid branding and strategic marketing approach in order to successfully compete in the ever-changing and competitive health care market (Dozier, 2013; Samuels, 2013).

It is essential for HCOs to evaluate the target markets so as to organize and implement an effective, successful marketing strategy. A sound well-defined marketing strategy will usually conduct a thorough and in-depth evaluation using a host of non-financial metrics. Such an evaluation is vital toward organization's environmental climate and trends, and conditions relating to the market and conditions that can be difficult to detect. Additionally, this strategy will help the organization to approach, emerge, individualize, attract and maintain a brand new market (Dozier, 2013). Especially since HCO's tend to offer the same type of services, it becomes increasingly critical to 'carve out a position' and differentiate itself from competitors. As such, HCOs must build, and maintain customer loyalty and attract potential customers, by offering innovative, unique services. This positioning strategy and differentiation is exactly what Northwest and Howard County hospitals have done.

Hospital # 1: Northwest Hospital
Northwest is a community Hospital in Randallstown, Maryland. The hospital currently serves the health care needs of the northwest Baltimore area. Established in 1962, and was originally called the "Liberty Court Rehabilitation Center." In late 1963 however, the name was changed to "Baltimore County General Hospital, "and was renamed a second time in 1993 to reflect the current "Northwest hospital." The hospital houses an inpatient units' with nursing stations outside each patient's room to facilitate better care delivery. With almost 300 private beds for it's behavioral, medical, rehabilitative and surgical for its patients including hospice patients. Northwest is also a leader in surgical innovation, and state of art technology. Additionally, Northwest's outpatient services reliably consistently deliver high quality patient satisfaction, and the hospital's very competent emergency department is considered to be one of the most utilized among hospitals of comparable size. Other specialty units at the hospital include but ...

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