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    Ethical Communication Within an Organization

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    Analyze the organizations that you may have engaged with and respond to the following:

    What type of ethical communication issues have you encountered within these organizations?
    Describe one ethical communication issue and how it was successfully or unsuccessfully resolved.

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    Ethical Communication within an Organization

    The types of ethical communication issues encountered in various organizations, which included Retail, Service, and Manufacturing, were Health & Safety and Technology. Technology issues were related to the privacy and freedom of employees to search on the Internet but companies need to protect their computer systems from being invaded by viruses and hackers, so monitoring is included in organizational policies of most companies today. Additionally, organizations save all email ...

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    This solution briefly addresses ethical communications within an organization and how the process should work. The type of ethical communication issues that the expert has encountered within organizations are determined. The ethical communication issue and how it was successfully or unsuccessfully resolved is described.