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Visibility and Accessibility of a New Company

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When choosing a location for a small business that is marketing (1) convenience goods or services (2) shopping goods or services or (3) specialty goods or services, what might be some of the most important issues for the entrepreneur to consider in terms of customer visibility and accessibility? Visibility and accessibility have a substantial effect on the cost of buying or leasing a retail location for a small business. Please include an example of at least one type of good or service

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You will be able to learn about location selection for start-up businesses. We can really look at any good or service venue, but I like the idea of seasonal businesses, as this really encapsulates the need for a business plan and organization. One of the first businesses that comes to mind is a "beach shop." If you take a community that has seasonal beach traffic (many southern states are only warm for the summer months, too -- also there is a lot of "summer breakers" which increase traffic as well), you need to look at rental factors. Any property located near the beach is going to be expensive. This is the reality, and the would-be entrepreneur needs to understand this in their marketing and capitalization (Quan & Titman, 1997). For instance, despite seasonality, a 1000 ...

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A 516-word discussion of visibility and accessibility concerns for opening a beach shop.

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