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Accessibility of Resources for Elderly

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Take a close look at community resources in your area. What resources stood out as particularly accessible and valuable to elders? What programs were particularly difficult to access?

Select one resource and provide a detailed analysis of the visibility and accessibility of this program.

Are people who need these services likely to find this program?

If they are aware of it, what factors contribute to ease of use? What factors detract?

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This solution looks at the resources that are available to elders in the community, and which are accessible/not accessible. It provides a detailed analysis of the visibility and accessibility of a particular program, and what factors contribute or take away from its' ease of use.

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In my community we have a senior center that is particularly valuable to elders. It is in the city center, across from the library and adjacent to a park. There is bus service and parking available, in addition, it is within walking distance of many homes. This is a valuable resource because it offers a tremendous amount of services, activities, and opportunities for elders. There is a sitting room full of reading materials, and an information desk that is staffed with volunteers to answer questions. The city's community services department operates out of this building so there is plenty of helpful, energetic staff roaming the hallways to greet visitors. Youth programs utilize some of the rooms so this also adds vitality. ...

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