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    Police lineups a mock example and white collar crimes

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    1. Because early investigational errors in the identification of perpetrators can seriously undermine the outcome of a criminal case, it is important that investigators use proper, non-suggestive procedures for a lineup. Prepare an outline describing a model procedure for officers in your department to use when conducting both a lineup and a photo array.

    2. Telemarketing fraud is a widespread type of white-collar crime. Elderly victims are often specifically targeted. Why is telemarketing fraud so rampant What characteristics of the elderly make them attractive targets for perpetrators of phone fraud? Why is telemarketing fraud so difficult to prevent or prosecute?

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    Model Police for Eyewitness Identification

    1. The department will conduct double-blind, sequential photo arrays and lineups with non-suspect fillers chosen to minimize suggestiveness.
    2. The department will issue non-biased instructions to eyewitnesses
    3. Immediately following the identification an assessment of confidence will be conducted by the department.

    2. Telemarketing fraud is a ...