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Clinical Transformation Case Study

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I wanted to know if I could get assistance with completing this assignment;

I read these case studies

- Avera Health
- Saint Luke's Health System
- Maine Health

I now need to summarize the goals, strategies, challenges, and achievements of each organization in implementing eICU, including how eICU is helping the organization to transform critical care and leverage its resources. I would like guidance on completing this assignment attached is the case studies I had to read.


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This solution provides a summary of the clinical transformation case studies.

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Benefits of Telemedicine Programs, Such as eICU: A Case Study

Avera Health

Avera Health faces challenges in providing coverage for intensive care patients in non-
Affiliated hospitals and those located in more rural communities. The greatest challenge is in
finding properly trained and skilled intensivists, which are staff specialists skilled in provide care
in intensive care units. Requiring staff to travel from one location to another puts a great burden
on them, in terms of fatigue and possible burn out, when they must travel between facilities. It
would be nearly impossible, both logistically and financially, to provide coverage to a 300 mile
radius from Sioux Falls, that the organization currently provides, without the help of eICU.

Goals of Avera Health are to provide ICU support for more remote health care facilities
in rural areas and to add nine facilities in the near future, in which it will provide support. Often
investing in telemedicine programs, such as eICU are undertaken by large health care
organizations with multiple sites. However, in the case of Avera Health, the strategy is to
provide eICU services to the smaller, more rural facilities in the surrounding area, by contracting
its services. The smaller facilities then do not need to make such a large investment in the eICU
program itself and the larger Avera Health benefits from contracting its services.

Avera Health has been able to offer eICU services to surrounding states and has even
helped provide support to a rural facility without an ICU, during inclement weather. In adopting
and utilizing the eICU program, Avera Health has been able to reduce mortality of ICU patients
by nearly 30% and to shorten the length of ...

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