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Randomized Clinical Trials

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1. How are randomized clinical trials categorized relative to case-control studies and cohort studies?

2. Why would a specific study be performed in a double-blinded fashion?

3. What would be the reason given in a study for the lack of reduction in the incidences of lung cancer among a group of of men given supplemental beta carotene?

4. What is the importance of discussing compliance in a research article?

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1. Randomized clinical trials are categorized by chance, that is, participants are assigned to each group that differs in treatment in a random fashion. The main idea behind randomized clinical trials is that by using chance to assign people to groups, it means that the groups will be similar and that the treatments they receive can be compared objectively. Case-controlled studies are categorized according to which population has the specific disease (i.e. "case") and which population is without the disease (i.e. "control"). A case-controlled study will compare the proportion of each group having a history of a particular exposure or characteristic of interest. Cohort studies are ...

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