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Importance of Presenting a Comprehensive Action Research Study

In your own words, discuss the importance of presenting a comprehensive action research study.

What are the benefits in doing so?

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Importance of Presenting a Comprehensive Action Research Study


Consider which perspective to formulate your response to: Is this assignment a required component of a Capstone project to complete a Master's degree in Education, or is this part of a professional development task to promote teacher effectiveness? Whichever route answers this will influence your resulting summary.

Action Research Study is becoming a more widely known tool for teachers to critically reflect on their own practices, with the goal of improving their classroom. In education this is an inquiry based method for self-assessment. Teachers are tasked with analyzing their work to increase efficacy.

There is a lot of information available about conducting an Action Research Study. Data collection and analysis are integral elements in this process. Teachers directly ...

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This solution provides a brief description of an Action Research Study with an emphasis on the importance of presenting comprehensive results.